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Chemical 기술, 화학 &신소재 전문기업Dongsung Research Institute

Research Institute
Dongsung Research Institute, established based on chemical technology accumulated for 60 years,
is making its utmost effort to become a Chemical & New material specialist company. We are developing lightweight
composite materials, bio materials, and functional foam technologies, while strengthening our R&D capabilities
by working with research departments of affiliated companies.


Research Field & Status

Dongsung Group has core technological competence in polyurethane, foaming, shoe materials,
and insulation materials, and based on the competencies, Dongsung Research Institute is developing lightweight composite materials,
biomaterials, and functional foam.

1Composite material

The material is used for automobile and aircraft, which require high strength and light weight, and its usage is gradually increasing to lower fuel consumption of transportation equipment.
Accordingly, we are developing polyurethane-based prepreg materials with superior properties than conventional epoxy to supply differentiated products to the market.

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As regulations on the use of plastics due to environmental pollution are strengthened, there is a growing interest in bioplastics that can be made of materials derived from living organisms or decayed and decomposed. Therefore, we are trying to develop bio-plastic compounds such as PLA and biodegradable polyester. Especially, we are developing technologies that can be applied to various packaging materials, specializing in foam molding technology.

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3Functional Foam

With the strengthening of regulations for flame retardancy and insulation of building and construction insulation, consumer needs for premium insulation are rapidly expanding. Thus, we are working hard to develop functional foam that does not easily burn while having excellent energy conservation performance. Also, we are in the process of developing to localize high strength and lightweight foam core materials applied to ship structures and wind turbine blades.

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