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Dongsung CSR

The dignity of a company originates from its commitment to its neighbors and society as well as growth.
Knowing the value of responsibility, trustworthy Dongsung accompanies you in your life.

Various CSR activities to protect Dongsung’s dignity
Please show the warm heart of Dongsung that is continuously active in CSR.

MECENAT Activities

Fostering Talents


Yonsei University, Yoon Dong Joo
Literature Garden, Sponsor (2018)

Inha University – Creation of Walchun Hall
Lounge (2017)

CENTAP (주) 비스퀘어 지원 (2016)

Yonsei University, Baekyang-ro
Reconstruction Project, Sponsor (2015)



Sponsor of the Imjin Classic
Reproduction event (2018)

아이스하키 후원협약 (2017)



Pyeongchang Daegwallyeong
Music Festival, Sponsor (2017 ~ Current)

Busan World Philharmonic Orchestra, Sponsor (2017 ~ Current)

Seo Hee-Tae Beethoven Concert/Talent Donation Concert, Sponsor (2016)

Cho Yun-Bum Quartet X Concert, Sponsor (2016)

Classic Fostering Talents, Sponsor (2014 ~ 2016)



Wolchun Literature Arts Awards
Organizer and Host (1986 ~ Current)

Art & Painting


Art Busan Title,
Sponsor (2016 ~ Current)



Busan Movie Hall Martine Concert,
Sponsor (2012 ~ 2014)

Employee Involvement Activities

Group Alliance Social Contribution Activities


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Sharing Briquettes

This is a Social Contribution activity ongoing since 2012 and is taking place in Seoul and Busan.

Activities of Each Company

Dongsung Corporation

01 Dongsung Corporation

  • WITH (Headquarters) We carry out a variety of activities such as forest formation and color therapy.
  • Soop-E-Rang (Ulsan) We conduct cleaning activity and taking care of forests by partnering with Ulsan ‘Forest of Life.‘
  • Dongsung Nanoomi (Yeosu)We visit the ‘House of Together’ to help with facility maintenance.

Dongsung Chemical

02 Dongsung Chemical

  • Bandi SocietyConduct in-house and outside the company environment.
  • Jung-Shim Societyn the farming season, volunteer to help nearby rural areas.

Dongsung Finetec

03 Dongsung Finetec

  • Happy Ari (Ansung)Conduct environment cleaning activities in the surrounding areas and parks in Ansung city.
  • Yeo-sa-woo Soeciety (Ansung)Proceed with fundraising activities and donate the proceeds.
  • Welfare organization support activityWe support welfare organizations such as rehabilitation centers and welfare centers.

Dongsung TCS

04 동성TCS

  • 봉사단체지원활동봉사단체와 함께 김해 지역 봉사활동을 진행합니다.


05 Genewel

  • Regular SponsorshipSince 2012, monthly sponsorship is in place for the single-mom center, ‘Saerongi Sanami House’.
동성그룹의 전 계열사 사업영역은 사업분야에서 확인해 주십시오.
Please check in the Business Field for all affiliates of Dongsung Group and their fields of business.
DongSung Group所有分公司的产业领域请在产业领域中进行查看。