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Parts and material solution companyDongsung TCS

Values beyond Present Created by the Power of Dreaming

Dongsung TCS materializes dreams
to bring to the reality.

Dongsung TCS

Dongsung Total Composite Sloution

Dongsung TCSDongsung TCS possesses advanced facilities of various processes for molding composite materials and engineering plastic products since its establishment in 1997 to present, and has been establishing its position as a specialized component material companywith differentiated molding manufacturing technology from industrial equipment parts to advanced aviation products.
We operate the business of interior and exterior products such as building and construction machinery and agricultural machinery, FRAME and CABIN products, and composite materials products for aviation, and we are supplying products to global companies both in Korea and abroad.

At our state-of-the-art clean facility, we supply high-tech composite materials that are used in various fields including aircraft structural materials, civil, and defense industry. Also, as a specialized manufacturer of interior/exterior products, we provide superior products that are supplied to the top 3 Heavy Equipment companies in Korea as well as global heavy equipment companies.
Dongsung TCS, producing products with higher quality than customers’ requirements, is making every effort to materialize the future that everyone dreams of by developing products based on environmentally friendly materials.
Dongsung TCS will pursue constant change and innovation to become the most futuristic company in industries related to composites from heavy equipment, automobile, to aerospace.

  • CEOTae-Un Park
  • Date of Establishment1999. 3. 5
  • Field of BusinessAutomobile, Aircraft, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.
  • Telephone055-345-6861
  • Business Premise
    • Headquarters. 134bun-gil 81, Jinrye-myun, Gomo-ro, Gimhae-si, Gyungnam-do (1183 Songhyeon-ri)
    • Iksan. 676, Sodongro, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do


2011 ~


  • 01동성에이씨에스 합병


  • 12청년친화 강소기업 선정
  • 09시험분석센터 개관
  • 07Split of Ochang factory
  • 06고용우수기업 인증


  • 07Company Name/CEO change (Dongsung TCS Co. Ltd / Tae-Un Park)


  • 08Became part of DongSung Group (Co-CEO, Hong-Kyu Kim, Choong-Yeol Park)
  • 06SMC Confirmation of excellent standard product group of water tank (Korea Plastic Industry Cooperative Association)
  • 06SMC Water Tank Group Standard Certification (Korea Plastics Industry Cooperative Association)
  • 04Relocation of building material factory (Ochang, Chungbuk)
  • 03Sincere Taxpayer Award (Minister of Strategy and Finance)


  • 11Acquired Excellent Procurement Certification (PPS / Water Tank)
  • 09Strong-Small Enterprise Certification (Ministry of Employment and Labor / Financial Soundness)
  • 09Installation of injection plant
  • 08Expansion of equipment coating line


  • 10Equipment Assembly Building, CAB Assembly Building Expansion
  • 09China joint venture factory established (Yangzhou Doha Composite Material Products Co. Ltd.)
  • 05Selected as the best partner for the delivery time (Volvo Group Korea Co. Ltd.)


  • 12Six Sigma Award for superior quality partner company (Volvo Group Korea Co. Ltd.)
  • 06Selected as a Good Company to Work in Our Region (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
  • 06Building materials factory established (Chungbuk Jincheon)
2006 ~ 2010


  • 12Awarded with Silver Tower Industrial Medal (For excellence in job creation)


  • 03Model Tax Payer Award (National Tax Authority)


  • 09Excellent organization for human resource development Certification (Ministry of Science and Education, Ministry of Local Economy, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Small & Medium Business)
  • 07Change of CEO (Hong-Gyu Kim)


  • 11Awarded Export Tower of 5000,000 USD
  • 01Expansion of precision parts manufacturing line


  • 11Awarded Export Tower of 3000,000 USD
  • 09Presidential Recognition (Excellent Capital Redevelopment Enterprise)
  • 06Extension of steel pipe and sheet manufacturing line
  • 04TS 16949 Certification (DIC-IC)
  • 01AS 9100 Certification (PRI)
2000 ~ 2005


  • 01New construction of precision parts factory (electronic parts business added)
  • 01Aviation Plant Construction (aviation industry business added)
  • 01Relocated New Office Building


  • 12INNO-BIZ Confirmation (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 07Designated as a Promising export small and medium enterprise (Gyungnam Region Small and Medium Business Administration)


  • 12Confirmation as venture business (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 11Awarded with Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Award (Excellent Capital Resource Material Development)
  • 07Confirmation of Special parts and materials company (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • 02ISO 14001 Certification (Korea Product Quality Association)


  • 10Recognized company affiliated research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association)
  • 08Established factory in China (Jiangsu Lianyungang)
  • 07Selected as the Promising Small and Medium Business (Korea Institute of Energy Research)


  • 09Company name change (Doha Industry Co. Ltd.)
1997 ~ 1999


  • 12ISO 9001 Certification (Korea Product Quality Association)
  • 03Transformed into a Corporation (Hwan-Gyu Kim, CEO / KOSF Development Co. Ltd.)


  • 06Registered as a supplier for Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. and International Comprehensive Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • 03Registered as a supplier for Volvo Construction Equipment Korea Co. Ltd. , Daewoo Automobile Co. Ltd. , and Clark Co. Ltd.


  • 04Establishment of corporation “KOSF Development”

Product Introduction

Composite (Aviation)


Composite (Automobile)


Composite (Heavy Equipment)

Management Info

Financial Status Table Unit: million won


FY 2016Y FY 2017Y FY 2018Y
Total assets 94,852 76,594 79,092
Current assets 33,561 21,045 23,157
Non-current assets 61,291 55,549 55,935
Total Debt 49,556 41,822 42,091
Current liabilities 40,097 27,210 29,029
Non-current liabilities 9,459 14,612 13,062
Total capital 45,296 34,772 37,001

Income Statement Unit: million won


FY 2016Y FY 2017Y FY 2018Y
Sales 96,592 70,188 75,108
Operating profit 3,404 3,990 2,756
Net Income 1,587 2,877 2,215


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